Oman et la Mer


Oman has had a long relationship with the sea. As early as 3,000 BC, Omani traders were carrying goods across the seas, near and far. By the Islamic Period in the 1300s, they were part of a vast network that extended from China to East Africa, the single longest maritime trade route at the time.

But what sort of ships did the Omani sailors use? What was life like on board? How did they build their ships? How did they navigate?

Oman and the Sea explores all these questions with a unique collection of objects assembled for the first time in one captivating show. From ancient rock anchors to ultramodern sail racing trimarans, the exhibition tells the story of an extraordinary 5,000-year relationship with the sea.

And it will bring to life the remarkable story of how one French naval officer helped save vital information about Oman’s maritime heritage, allowing workers today at a specialised shipyard in Oman to bring the past back to life once more