Oman et la Mer

Oman and the Sea - Backgound

The Oman and the Sea Exhibition has been organised by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Oman, working with the National Maritime Museum Paris.
Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided support to the exhibition, which is funded by the Sultanate of Oman.

The organisers

H.E Sheikh Humaid AL Maani,
Oman Ambassador to France


Vice-Admiral Jean-Marc Brûlez,
Director of the Maritime Museum, Paris

wish to express their sincere gratitude to the institutions, both public and private, and the individuals who helped make this exhibition a reality through their generous loans:

Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Oman
H.E Abdul Aziz Al Rawas, Advisor on Cultural Affairs to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos
Public Authority for craft industries
Mrs Zuwaina Al-Rashdi World of Handicrafts, Muscat
The Royal Navy of Oman
Oman Maritime
Mrs Amal Al-Khanjari, Stylist
Museum of the Land of Frankincense, Salalah
French Omani Museum, Muscat
Nicole Chiang, Curator, Museum of Eastern Asian Art, Bath, UK
Department of Oriental Antiquities, the Louvre Museum, Paris
National Maritime Museum, Paris
Library of the National Maritime Museum, Paris

The organisers would also like to thank:
Eric Rieth, Head of the Department of Naval Archaeology, Paris
The exhibition and communication teams of the National Maritime Museum, Paris
The staff of the Tourism Office of the Sultanate of Oman in France