Oman et la Mer

Oman et la Mer lecture

November 15, 2013

Oman’s vision is to create a stable environment for the market to flourish.

That was the message at a special lecture held at the National Maritime Museum as part of a programme of events around the Oman et la Mer exhibition.

An audience of French business people listened to the lecture by Talal Al Rahbi, Deputy General Secretary of Oman’s Supreme Council for planning.

In a wide ranging briefing, the Deputy General Secretary outlined the benefits available for those trading and investing in Oman.

The event concluded with the Deputy Secretary General and H.E Sheik Humaid Al Maani, Oman’s Ambassador to France taking questions from the specially invited audience.

Opening Ceremony

October 17, 2013

The Oman et la Mer exhibition has been officially opened by the Defence Ministers of France and Oman.

150 VIPs enjoyed a spectacular ceremony in front of the Eiffel Tower in the very heart of Paris. The climax of the show was a stunning light display to reveal a traditional Omani boat docked in the famous Trocadero fountains.

The ceremony opened with music from the Royal Navy of Oman and a poetry recitation.

H.E. Sheik Humaid Al Maani, Oman’s Ambassador to France and Vice Admiral Jean-Marc Brûlez, Director of the French National Maritime Museum both made speeches.

Then the exhibition was opened jointly by H.E. Sayyid Badr bin Saud Albusaidi, Minister Responsible for Defence and H.E. Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister of Defence.

The exhibition opens

October 16, 2013

The Oman et la Mer exhibition is now open to visitors!

The unique exhibition is in a dedicated gallery inside the Musée national de la Marine in the heart of Paris.

Carefully selected objects and specially commissioned displays take the visitor on a journey through the intriguing story of Oman’s 5,000 year–old relationship with the sea.

The Presses Are Rolling

October 4, 2013

The book to accompany the Oman et la Mer exhibition is now being printed.

The full colour book has more than 100 pictures over 144 pages. As well as including an illustrated catalogue listing all the items in the exhibition, it also tells the story of Oman’s 5,000-year relationship with the sea.

The book will be on sale for just €12 at the bookshop of the Musée national de la Marine when the exhibition opens on October 16th.

The Exhibits Arrive

September 30, 2013

Valuable items to be shown at the Oman et la Mer exhibition have arrived at the National Maritime Museum in Paris

Museum staff have already begun the delicate task of unpacking the objects and checking to make sure they have not been damaged during the journey from Muscat.

Among the first items to be unpacked was a finely detailed scale model of the Jewel of Muscat – the reconstruction of a 9th century Arab trading ship built in Oman in 2009.

Also emerging from its crate today was a spectacular model of one of Oman’s liquid natural gas tankers – representing modern maritime Oman.

The Journey to Paris

September 19, 2013

Traditional ships from Oman have begun their long journey to Paris for the Oman et la Mer Exhibition at the Musée National de la Marine.

The 11-metre Badan, which will be placed in the fountains in front of the Eiffel tour in the very heart of Paris to mark the opening of the exhibition, was hoisted gently onto a truck for the first stage of its journey.

Scale models of other traditional Omani boats, based on the drawings of the French admiral François-Edmond Pâris, have also been carefully packed into crates for shipping to Paris.

Fitting out the hall

September 17, 2013

Work has begun on fitting out the hall where the Oman et la Mer exhibition will take place.

In just 4 weeks a confusion of ladders, tools and pain tins will be turned into a unique experience to carry visitors through Oman’s maritime heritage.

The next step will be to bring in showcases to display the objects brought together for the exhibition and install screens for the special audio visual displays.